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Since its inception, Zenon Dance Company has been committed to making high quality dance accessible to diverse populations of children and young adults. We custom design our residencies to accommodate the specific needs of each school or community. We’re especially proud of our work with special populations such as the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and students with severe behavioral and emotional issues.

In the past five years alone, Zenon Dance has conducted residencies in more than 65 public, private, and magnet schools, and in neighborhood and community centers throughout the Midwest.

Zenon Dance Company is unique in its ability to transfer the professional artistry it displays on the concert stage to the classroom. Zenon works with the host institution to select activities that strengthen self-esteem, teach group communication skills and build trust. Zenon will integrate the host school’s curriculum with its residency activities, culminating in a student and Zenon performance. This performance features original dances choreographed with the students.

Master Classes

Zenon Dance Company offers master classes in modern dance, contact improvisation, jazz, ballet, hip hop, composition, and creative movement taught by company members, guest choreographers, and Zenon's Artistic Director. Each class can be structured for beginning to advanced levels.

Interactive Lecture/Demonstration

Through lively and informative lecture/demonstrations, Zenon introduces and defines the world of dance by showing the joy and creativity of movement. The demonstration includes a discussion of the professional dancer's training and daily lifestyle and also a sampling of Zenon's repertoire. Narrated by Zenon's Artistic Director, the lecture/demonstration allows for audience participation.

School and Community Residencies

School and community residencies are individually tailored to meet the needs of the hosting organization. Thorough planning is done before the residency begins giving attention to curriculum or community goals. Zenon recommends the residency last at least five days to fully meet curriculum goals, although shorter options are available.

A one-week residency begins with a lecture/demonstration introducing both Zenon Dance Company and dance as an art form. The company works with the children on basic dance technique and guides the children through the creation of a dance or dances around a curriculum topic. Allowing the students to create dance works with their peers, along with their peers, along with interactive guidance by the Zenon dancers gives the students a sense of ownership over the dances they create. The residency culminates in a final student performance.

A multiple-week residency is similar to the one-week residency model. The residency includes a lecture/demonstration, exercises in dance technique, and the creation of a final piece. The exposure to dance styles and technique instruction is more comprehensive in the multiple week residency model. Students will be allowed to delve deeper into the creation of choreography and further utilize the tools they have learned during the residency.

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